What's in it for me

What's in it for me?

Let's see how it can be useful for you. And for this we are going to answer two important questions: "Why is it better than alternatives?" and "How can I make use of it".

Why is it better than alternatives?

You probably thinking I already use this and that for self organization. Why would I need another tool for me. But the thing is that BeadList is different from others. And you might want to use it as an addition or replacement for some of them.

Let's make it clear. BeadList is not for managing your todo lists. There is nothing you should do with your items in BeadList. And they don't have "done" state, they don't have checkboxes. Do want you want with them, or don't do nothing at all, just leave them, that's ok! It's also not your Kanban tool, it's not for managing processes.

In a way BeadList is more similar to note taking apps. But the difference is that in note apps your inputs are structured as a chunks of textblocks, lists and images. And it becomes messy very quickly. But when you have a medium of nested lists as in BeadList you get organized much better. You can create nested categories and refine it further down. And then it's easier to navigate around.

How can I make use of it

We give you the tool and what you want to do with it is up to you. We could say that the limit is your imagination, but let's get concrete and give you some examples of how it can be used.

BeadList is good for planning. Let's say you are planning trip to Europe. Then you can put a few countries that you want to visit. Let's say you want to go to France, then you can refine it further and add cities which you want to go and activities you want to do. Let's say you want to visit the tower of Pisa, but you don't know where it is and how to get it. Just add it and you can figure out the details later.

Trip To Europe

It's also good for saving lists of movies you want to watch, books you want to read, and games you want to play. Of course there are websites for that. But not for everything you want to do. Is there a website for meals you want to try, or articles you want to read, or paintings you want to see? maybe, but you have to look for it, and you don't want it, when you want to write something quickly. Also usually these websites don't have all the books and all the movies, there is always something rare missing, such a shame when you love something extraordinary.

In BeadList, you can keep diaries, daily notes, your favorite quotes, and life principles, create the list of your personal heroes or your bucket list. Have fun with it! And let us know what did you decided to do. We are very curious!

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