Dmitry Yakimov


My name is Dmitry Yakimov and I am a sole founder of Beadlist. Beadlist is my experiment project, which I love and put my best efforts to bring it live and to help people who wants more organization in their lives.

Meanwhile I'm helping companies and individuals around the globe with technical and management experience I have.


Do you want to bootstrap your online business from scratch? Are you having some crazy bugs inside your system? Do you want to make you delivering process more predictable and more efficient? Do you need an extra hand for your project?

I can give you a hand. I have a wide range of experiences working in a remote teams from United States, France, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Russian Federation and other. I've seen different processes, I know what works and what not. I can help you to fine-tune the process to your organization.

As well I can help you with your tech stack. I'm working with technologies on back end and front end, including React.js, Ruby on Rails, Node.js & Express.js and much more. I know how to make your code maintainable and reliable. So you would have less bugs and more predictable outputs. Speaking of which, If you are having hard to diagnose bugs, I can do that too.

You can think of me as of remote generalist, which looks in all directions to improve your product and your organization.


Do you want to learn JavaScript? Does your team needs extra training in the technologies? Do you want to be better in writing tests? Are you writing tests at all? Do you know how to use git?

I can provide you mentoring classes with live coding sessions, and pairing online. I've been teaching web development to a dozen of clients around the world. I hope to find a fun and efficient way to level you up. I love it so much, that I give classes for free too.

Drop me a line on [email protected]. Let's have a chat!

Thank you,

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