We believe there is a place for everything

We believe that your brilliant idea, every your big thought, every your small thought deserves to be kept. And we want to give you a comfortable and a simple way to do that. That's why we are building BeadList - an application which will serve as an extension of your mind.

Beadlist allows you to keep your thoughts and chunks of information in a form of several lists, grouped by different categories and providing several tools to keep them accessible and well-organized.

If it sounds interesting for you, feel free to give us your email. So we can contact you once the App is done. And we'll give you perks for being early adopter.


Instant capturing to a right place

Storing ideas never been so effective. Once type in your ideas they get stored exactly in the place you want them to be. You'll never want to keep you thoughts in you head, once you have your memory online.

It's all about organizing

When you got a few chunks of thoughts online you will be able to move them around categories and to find them easily whenever you want.

Share it with your friends

Make your lists of everything accessible to your friends, collegues, experts and anyone. So they can contribute to your knowledge, learn something from you and have fun.

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